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Interior Accessories

Paper air freshener
Part # 8000NEC | Line Code: APW

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Part Terminology Air Freshener

Features & Benefits
Dual air care system for both odor control & fresh fragrance. DUO breathes new life into the Air Care category with a clear message of odor elimination without masking. Clean, fresh modern appearance brings new shopper to the category. Delivers on the promise of a simple 2-in-1 system that uses a patented odor eliminator and freshens the air. Odor Eliminator Technology. How does the technology work? The odor eliminator acts as a barrier between the bad odors in your vehicle and your olfactory receptors. The patented odor eliminator neutralizes odors from pets, food, mildew, and smoke. This clears the air for a clean fresh aroma. This technology eliminates odors unlike other odor eliminator that work by masking the bad odors. Dual Chambers. Each air freshener type incorporates a 2-color / 2-part system. Uses a patented odor control system designed specifically for auto. Essential oils are used to create fresher & cleaner fragrances, never over powering. Compact systems that fit interiors and are discrete?for vents, under seat, or hanging.
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