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Spark Plugs

G-power platinum spark plug
Part # 7090 | Line Code: NGK

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Hex Size 5/8"
Resistor Type Yes
Electrical Terminal Type Non-Removable
Thread Diameter 14.0
Ground Electrode Quantity 1
Center Electrode Tip Material Platinum
Ground Configuration Standard
Resistance 5000
Manufacturer Heat Range 5
Ground Electrode Core Material Nickel Core
Center Electrode Core Material Copper Core
Gap Size 0.040
Seat Type Gasket
Reach 0.75
Insulator Height 50.5
Ground Electrode Tip Design Trapezoid
Stock Number 7090
Part Number BKR5EGP
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
Part Terminology Spark Plug

Features & Benefits
NGK G-Power Platinum spark plugs are the best single platinum spark plugs at an economical price. G-Power plugs feature a fine wire platinum center electrode and a trapezoidal cut ground electrode that offers increased durability, improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, faster starts and quicker acceleration over conventional nickel spark plugs. An excellent upgrade for vehicles which used nickel alloy spark plugs originally. For better performance consider upgrading to a NGK Iridium IX plug. For even greater performance consider upgrading to a NGK RUTHENIUM HX plug.

Application Summary

ACU/HON 04-92; CAD/CHEV/PONT 08-97; CHRYS/DOD/PLY/EAGLE 00-92; FORD/LINC/MERC 06-89; HYU/KIA 12-93; JAG 07-97; LND RVR 09-05; MAZ 14-90; M-BENZ 07-90; MITS 10-92; NIS/INF 04-90; SAT 05-91; SUB 10-95; SUZ 09-00; TOY/LEX/SCI 14-89; VW 04-92
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